Enhance your liquid handling capabilities with powerful accessories for the BIOSPOT® platform:

Introducing a substrate-directed camera designed for target detection, fiducial alignment, and quality assurance. Elevate the precision and efficiency of your liquid handling processes with this valuable addition.

Dispense on target

Achieve precision with the Vision Guided Dispense on Target function, ensuring droplet deposition exactly where you need it.

Navigate the crossbar to your desired position on the spotting area and click the Dispense button in the software. A droplet will be delivered precisely to your specifications. This feature allows for the effortless processing of customer-specific substrate formats of any shape, providing unmatched flexibility.

Image based quality control

Enhance your dispensing process with droplet verification through the integrated TOPVIEW camera.

Execute a simple batch command to capture images of your processed substrates and store them in your network for further analysis. Ensure the accuracy and performance of your dispensing process with this convenient and efficient feature.

Automated substrate recognition and fiducial alignment

Elevate your dispensing workflows with vision-supported substrate recognition through the TOPVIEW camera.

Automatically recognize previously taught substrates, wells, arrays, or any desired fiducial on your target area. The software algorithm intelligently considers the detected positions, creating a dispensing protocol tailored to your requirements. Execute the protocol to deliver as many droplets as needed, each of the desired volume, to the specified target positions. A notable example is our innovative Microneedle coating process.