Revolutionize droplet analysis with our optical imaging solution. Measure droplet volumes in flight, enabling non-contact volume calibration and verification.

Captures every single droplet

Achieve unparalleled speed in imaging single droplets in flight with the stationary SMARTDROP® System, reaching up to 40 Hz.

Utilizing a high-performance camera, this system facilitates advanced process and quality control, validating each dispensed droplet. Capture and store droplet images for comprehensive quality assurance documentation (QC).

Auto-calibration for all liquid classes

Attain the highest level of accuracy with our intelligent software algorithm that goes beyond simple droplet volume calculations.

Key Features:

  • Volume calibration independent of liquid type
  • Achieve the highest dispensing performance by eliminating unwanted satellites
  • Characterize your liquid type for comprehensive analysis

Trust what you see

The SMARTDROP® System sets the benchmark, validated against gravimetric measurement systems utilizing GRM and ARTEL MVS.

Easily achieve target volumes through software-based adjustments of dispensing parameters. Tailor droplet volumes to your specific requirements and enhance process stability with the intuitive Hamilton Freiburg Control Software.

Outstanding standalone and OEM integration


The SMARTDROP® System is available as an integrated module for all our automated liquid handling workstations. For basic research needs, it can also be ordered as a standalone, serving as a powerful add-on for the PIPEJET® nanoDispenser or SIJET picoDispenser.

Ready, set, go!

Experience dynamic auto-calibration tailored to your desired target volume. A uniform and streamlined process – simply set and go for everyone.

Buffers & Detergents Oils & Adhesives
DMSO & other solvents Strong Acids
Ethanol & Methanol UV curable ink
Beads & living cells Photoresist


Stroboscopic imaging of droplets

The swift shutter speed of the camera ensures the capture of every dispensed droplet. The trigger delay, marking the time between droplet ejection and image capture, is customizable. Fine-tune the trigger delay for top-notch validation, covering droplet breakoff to free-flying single droplet stages. This flexibility is ideal for characterizing liquid classes or generating calibration curves.