SIJET technology

Achieve non-contact picoliter dispensing through an integrated cartridge consumable.

Free-flying picoliter droplets

Achieve precise on-demand dispensing of single droplets in the picoliter range through SIJET technology.

This innovative solution utilizes a silicon-glass dispensing element that incorporates both the dispensing chamber and a small orifice. The consumable dispensing cartridge seamlessly integrates the reservoir with the dispensing element into a single unit. Controlled by piezo actuation, the deformation of the dispensing element ensures accurate and reproducible ejection of picoliter-range droplets.

Picoliters based on a consumable cartridge

Introducing the distinctive SIJET cartridge approach, which strategically isolates the liquid-containing dispensing element from the mechanical actuator. This design eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and renders complex cleaning unnecessary. Maintenance is swift and straightforward, requiring no teaching protocols.

Robust pico dispenser for a wide range of liquids

Efficiently handle small volumes with robust precision!

The SIJET picoDispenser, operating on the direct volume displacement principle, exhibits versatility in managing a diverse range of liquids. While excelling in the handling of buffers, aqueous solutions, and cell dispersions, it remains reliable across various applications.