PIPEJET® Technology

Achieve non-contact nanoliter dispensing with a piezo-actuated mechanism and dispensing capillaries. This technology ensures high reproducibility in droplet deposition on any substrate, independent of the liquid type.

PIPEJET® working principle

Precision at your fingertips: Single droplets on demand, made possible by the patented PIPEJET® technology.

This innovative approach ensures non-contact dispensing of highly reproducible droplets at remarkably low volumes. At its core is an elastic polymer tube, the pipe, tactfully manipulated by a piezo stack actuator. The direct volume displacement mechanism results in perfectly spherical droplets. Tailor your dispensing parameters effortlessly through the Hamilton Freiburg Control Software to achieve the desired volume, droplet shape, and velocity. Experience precision that's robust and reliable.

Free of liquid classes

Versatile and adaptable, PIPEJET® technology excels in dispensing liquids across a broad spectrum of viscosity, surface tension, or density. Unlock the potential of your specific sample with our complimentary feasibility test—experience the flexibility and precision tailored to your unique requirements!

Buffers & Detergents Oils & Adhesives
DMSO & other solvents Strong Acids
Ethanol & Methanol UV curable ink
Beads & living cells Photoresist


Free-flying nanoliter droplets

Elevate your dispensing precision: Single droplets on demand through direct volume displacement.

Embrace the cutting-edge PIPEJET® technology, bringing forth highly reproducible, accurate, and controllable dispensing applications. Each expelled droplet maintains uniformity in shape, velocity, and volume, ensuring an outstanding print morphology guaranteed to meet the highest standards.

Dynamic droplet volume range

Tailor your droplets effortlessly: Achieve adjustable low volumes ranging from 2 to 70 nl.

Customize single droplet volumes to suit your specific requirements using the software-controlled driving parameters of PIPEJET®. Take advantage of the dynamic volume range to craft individual arrays or patterns that align seamlessly with your needs.

Individual - no limits!

Unmatched reproducibility opens doors to limitless dispensing possibilities with PIPEJET® technology!

Thanks to its straightforward and robust operating principle, coupled with the flexibility to easily transform nozzle types and precise controllability, PIPEJET® technology is your solution for virtually any dispensing challenge.

Robust and steady droplet ejection

Precision without compromise: Achieve non-contact nanoliter dispensing with outstanding Coefficient of Variation (CV) values, consistently delivering accuracy and reproducibility.

The PIPEJET® technology boasts exceptional performance with CVs typically below 1% and consistently below 3%. The uniform droplet formation ensures long-term stability across a diverse array of samples, including aqueous solutions, buffers, solvents, particle suspensions, and cells. Adapt to various conditions with ease, including the realization of heated and chilled prototypes. Experience reliability over and over again.

No cross-contamination and easy-to-use

Enhance process confidence with ease: All components in direct contact with the sample—be it the pipe, liquid connection, or reservoir—are cost-effective consumables. Crucially, the actuator remains untouched by the sample. Swift and straightforward consumable exchanges further streamline the process, reinforcing your confidence in the integrity of your operations!

Low cost dispensing tips

Elevate dispensing performance with precision: Critical to outstanding performance is the selection of high-precision PIPEJET® pipes.

Our range includes pipes in various diameters and lengths, ensuring a tailored fit for your specific application. Rely on our expert team to match the most suitable type based on your specifications, guaranteeing optimal dispensing precision.

Outstanding standalone and OEM integration

PIPEJET® nanoDispenser Kit

Whether it's for scientific experiments requiring a single-channel dispenser, integrating a robust low-volume dispenser into an existing automation system, or developing a new product requiring miniaturized liquid handling – the PIPEJET® nanoDispenser Kit provides all the essential components to kickstart your journey with PIPEJET® technology.

Relevant literature

Whitepaper on the fundamentals and use of the PIPEJET® nanoDispenser technology

Dispensing liquid volumes in aliquots of a few nanoliters at high reliability, reproducibility and accuracy gets increasingly important in production processes of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. Get an insight into the underlying science and technology of our PIPEJET® nanoDispenser.