PIPEJET® nanoDispenser Kit

Explore the versatility of our non-contact nanoliter dispenser—a flexible solution seamlessly integrable into R&D experiments, Hamilton Freiburg automation platforms, or high-scale production lines. Unlock the benefits of miniaturization, reduce reagent costs, and eliminate concerns of cross-contamination or clogging.

Non contact nanoliter dispensing

Experience precision at its peak with the PIPEJET®—utilizing a cutting-edge piezo actuator to craft nanoliter droplets ranging from 2 to 70 nanoliters.

At the heart of its functionality lies an elastic polymer tip, the dispensing pipe, deftly manipulated by a piezo-driven piston. This dynamic interaction ensures meticulous control over droplet volume and frequency. The result? Flexible, non-contact droplet generation, empowering you to dispense various liquid classes and achieve intricate droplet patterns on any substrate!

All you need

Our PIPEJET® nanoDispenser Kit—an all-inclusive package designed to streamline your initial dispensing trials immediately upon installation.

Experience unprecedented simplicity: Unwrap each component, seamlessly install the software, connect the control unit, insert the dispensing pipe, fill it with your liquid of choice, and effortlessly embark on your dispensing journey. It has never been easier to get started!

PIPEJET® nanoDispenser Kit - Items
1 PIPEJET® nanoDispenser
2 Universal Pipe Guide Set for Pipes ID200 & ID500 (Front = red; Back = Black)
3 ID125 Pipe Guide Set for ID125 (Front = Black; Back = Red)
4 Control ElectroniX CX200
5 USB cable
6 PIPEJET® Pipe Handling Tool
7 Power supply
8 Disposable Reservoir
9 TYGON tubing
10 Tool Set
11 PIPEJET® Connection Cable
12 PIPEJET® Pipes
13 Torque Handle
14 USB Stick incl. Control Software

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Free of liquid classes

Harness the versatility of PIPEJET® technology, capable of dispensing liquids across a broad spectrum of viscosity, surface tension, or density. Take advantage of our complimentary feasibility testing to assess the applicability of this cutting-edge solution for your specific sample!

Buffers & Detergents Oils & Adhesives
DMSO & other solvents Strong Acids
Ethanol & Methanol UV curable ink
Beads & living cells Photoresist


Precise and reliable nanoliter dispensing

Revolutionary Nanoliter Droplet Precision with Patented Piezo-Driven Direct Volume Displacement.

Experience unparalleled control and accuracy in dispensing applications through our patented PIPEJET® technology. Achieve single nanoliter droplet volumes with remarkable reproducibility. Each ejected droplet mirrors excellence in shape, velocity, and volume, ensuring an outstanding print morphology for your applications.

Robust and steady droplet ejection

Non-contact nanoliter dispensing with excellent CVs at any liquid type - over and over and over again.

Achieve precise, non-contact nanoliter dispensing with exceptional coefficient of variation (CV) performance using PIPEJET® technology—consistently less than 3% CV, typically <1%. The uniform droplet formation ensures enduring stability for various samples, including aqueous solutions, buffers, solvents, particle suspensions, or cells. Our technology even supports heated and chilled prototypes!

Eliminate cross contamination

Our dispensing technology relies on a disposable dispensing pipe, ensuring that the actuator never comes into contact with the sample. Effortlessly swap out the consumable dispensing pipe to eradicate any risk of cross-contamination.

Dispensing pipes

Exceptional dispensing performance hinges on the use of high-precision consumable tips.

Explore our diverse range, featuring varying lengths and sizes, to guarantee the delivery of top-notch nanoliter droplets with utmost precision.

Dynamic droplet volume range

Customize single droplets effortlessly with adjustable volumes ranging from 2 to 70 nl.

Tailor the droplet volume to your specific requirements by leveraging the software-controlled driving parameters of the PIPEJET®. Explore the dynamic volume range to craft unique arrays or patterns of your choice.

Elevate precision to the next level by integrating the PIPEJET® nanoDispenser with the SMARTDROP® System.

Small and flexible design

Effortlessly integrate into your experimental setup:

  • Dispense horizontally or vertically
  • Achieve precise and reliable nanoliter dispensing
  • Utilize non-contact, drop-on-demand technology
  • Experience the lowest coefficients of variation (CVs) and minimal dead volumes across all liquid classes.

Relevant literature

Whitepaper on the fundamentals and use of the PIPEJET® nanoDispenser technology

Dispensing liquid volumes in aliquots of a few nanoliters at high reliability, reproducibility and accuracy gets increasingly important in production processes of pharmaceutical and diagnostic products. Get an insight into the underlying science and technology of our PIPEJET® nanoDispenser.