Miniaturized liquid handling solutions & lab automation

Elevate laboratory efficiency, standardization, and overall quality with Hamilton Freiburg's innovative technologies. Our automated handling of low-volumes not only increases throughput but also enhances sensitivity and enables miniaturized workflows for all, optimizing your laboratory processes to achieve superior results.

Low-volume Liquid Handling Platforms

Hamilton Freiburg introduces a suite of innovative low-volume liquid handling platforms, each uniquely engineered to enhance laboratory processes with increased throughput, precision, efficiency, and safety. Our specialized range caters to a diverse array of laboratory needs, encompassing everything from life sciences research to diagnostic applications. Designed to optimize your workflows, these platforms represent the pinnacle of automation in liquid handling

OEM components

Improved performance and flexible integration! Components by Hamilton Freiburg are specialized parts designed to seamlessly integrate into your existing laboratory equipment or systems. These components are tailor-made to enhance and expand the capabilities of your devices, ensuring they meet the specific demands of your research and industrial applications. With our OEM components, you gain the flexibility to upgrade and customize your setup, benefiting from our cutting-edge technology and expertise in precision liquid handling. Whether it's for automation, precision dispensing, or unique application requirements, our OEM solutions are crafted to provide reliability, efficiency, and adaptability, aligning perfectly with your operational goals. Explore our range of OEM components and elevate the potential of your equipment today.


Achieving precision in handling small liquid volumes necessitates meticulous manufacturing throughout the entire instrument, from dispensing tips to cartridges. Our commitment extends to delivering outstanding dispensing capillaries, ensuring your needs for precision and accuracy are not just met but exceeded.