Revolutionize droplet analysis within the nanoliter volume range through advanced optical imaging. Our solution allows for the precise measurement of droplet volumes, facilitating automated calibration or verification. Enhance the productivity and data quality of liquid handling processes with unparalleled accuracy.

Optical droplet volume analysis solution

Simplify droplet volume verification and achieve automated nanoliter volume calibration for consistently reliable results, irrespective of liquid classes or environmental conditions.

Process-orientated volume measurement

Ensure robust and reliable dispensing results through droplet volume calibration and verification aligned with actual dispensing process parameters.

  • Our droplet imaging method incorporates environmental factors, dispensing frequency, and liquid type.
  • Calibration of all liquids within seconds ensures independence from liquid classes.
  • Autocalibration to the desired target volume guarantees the delivery of satellite-free, high-quality droplets.

Add-on for your dispenser

The SMARTDROP® System includes the camera system, quick setup utilities, and the Hamilton Freiburg Control Software.

  • Stand-alone, seamlessly integrating into any laboratory workflow.
  • An ideal add-on compatible with various dispensing technologies.
SMARTDROP® System - Items
1 SMARTDROP® System, consisting of
  Camera unit
  LED illumination panel
2 PIPEJET® holder*
3 Waste container
4 Tool Set
5 USB Stick incl. Software

*no PIPEJET® nanoDispenser included.