SIJET picoDispenser Kit

Your Complete Starter Kit for On-Demand Droplet Generation and Contactless Dispensing of Picoliter Volumes.

SIJET module

Dispense Individual Droplets Ranging from 50 to 250 Picoliters with Exact Control.

Introducing the SIJET picoDispenser, meticulously crafted for precise picoliter dispensing across pharmaceutical, life science, and industrial sectors. With a piezo actuation mechanism, it ensures resilient dispensing outcomes while facilitating quick and efficient cleaning processes, thanks to our disposable dispensing cartridges.

Everything you need

SIJET picoDispenser Kit — your comprehensive solution for initiating picoliter dispensing trials immediately post-installation.

Embrace unparalleled simplicity: Unpack each component, effortlessly install the software, connect the control unit, seamlessly set up the dispensing cartridge, fill it with your chosen liquid, and effortlessly commence precise picoliter dispensing.

SIJET picoDispenser Kit - Items
1 SIJET picoDispenser
2 Control ElectroniX 200
3 Cartridge holder
4 4x Dispensing cartridge 20 µm
5 4x Dispensing cartridge 40 µm
6 USB cable
7 Power supply
8 SIJET connection cable
9 Fixation tool
10 Software (USB drive)