BIOSPOT® Arc, a three-axis gantry system, is designed to seamlessly integrate with SIJET and PIPEJET® technology, automating Hamilton Freiburg Starter Kits and OEM components. Tailor your liquid handling workflow and customize the system according to your requirements, leveraging proven dispensing technology and advanced process control features.

Entry-level automation

Elevate your workflow by seamlessly integrating the SIJET, PIPEJET®, or SMARTDROP® System.

Designed for cost-effective automation, the BIOSPOT® Arc accommodates existing starter kits or OEM components. Equipped with up to two dispense channels, a TOPVIEW camera, and a SMARTDROP® System, it ensures precise positioning of picoliter and nanoliter droplets.

Automate your application

Assay design

Dispense small molecules, proteins, nucleic acids, drugs and design your own experiment.

SBS plate or custom format

Dipsense into SBS microtiter plates or create your own format with template designer.

Lateral flow

Develop lateral flow assays (line or multiplex) with non-contact dispensing technology.

Cell dispensing

Dispense cells in suspension or highly concentrated sheroids and maintain high cell viability.

Modular design

Customize your BIOSPOT® Arc by integrating existing starter kits or OEM components based on your requirements!

1. Dispense channels

Tailor your system with SIJET or PIPEJET® dispensers (up to two positions).


Incorporate a substrate camera for quality control and vision-guided droplet positioning.


Integrate a droplet analysis camera for in-line droplet volume calibration and verification.

4. Flexible Substrate Deck

Configure deck positions for two MTP plates, glass slides, membranes, or custom formats.

Piezo driven, non-contact dispensing

Unlock precise dispensing capabilities for picoliter and nanoliter volumes in your academic research and R&D lab.

SIJET picoDispenser: Achieve single droplet volumes of 50 or 180 pl, varying based on the liquid type and dispensing cartridge used.

PIPEJET® nanoDispenser: Experience a dynamic volume range of 2 - 70 nanoliters per single droplet.

TOPVIEW substrate camera


Elevate your quality control by utilizing a camera for dispenser alignment and precision vision-guided positioning of droplets.

Droplet volume calibration & verification

Employ a droplet analysis camera for real-time droplet calibration and verification.

Enhance the BIOSPOT® Arc's capabilities by integrating a SMARTDROP® System, enabling the creation of calibration curves for challenging liquid media, ensuring more robust results. Calibration of the dispensing unit to diverse liquids accelerates your workflow.