Seeking a tailor-made liquid handling system? BIOSPOT® is your answer. With the capability to integrate diverse third-party modules, we transform your unique ideas into effective, customized liquid handling solutions.

Imagination to reality

Elevate your extraordinary applications with a device crafted exclusively for you.

The intelligent design of the BIOSPOT® workstation facilitates seamless integration with various technologies to cater to your specific requirements. Merge third-party components, such as a spray coater, with Hamilton Freiburg dispensing technologies for a synergistic solution!

Extrusion module

Seek seamless integration of an extrusion module tailored for handling viscous media like hydrogels/bioinks.

Our direct volume displacement extrusion system harmonizes with a diverse array of single-use and glass syringes. The extrusion speed is meticulously synchronized with axis movements, ensuring the precise delivery of consistently formed filaments

Tell us your requirements!

Connect with our team and discuss your requirements for the implementation of your BIOSPOT® X.

Discussing the application Adaption of the design / technologies
Elaborating the product requirements Manufacturing phase
Selecting the technologies Installation and Training