Welcome to the forefront of precision in life sciences with our BIOSPOT® system, meticulously engineered to meet the specific needs of life science researchers in ultra-low volume liquid handling. Specializing in micro-titer plate applications, BIOSPOT® achieves unparalleled accuracy and consistency in dispensing nanoliter volumes. It offers a complete workflow solution, including the aspiration of reagents from a source plate on the deck and automatic refilling for continuous operation. Ideal for high-throughput screening, cellular assays, or pharmacological studies, our system provides precise liquid distribution, greatly enhancing the reliability and efficiency of your experiments.

Explore how BIOSPOT® can revolutionize your laboratory's capabilities, simplifying and elevating groundbreaking research.

Dispensing Technology

Discover the cutting-edge dispensing technology at the heart of our system, expertly engineered to deliver precision and versatility in liquid handling. Tailored for a range of applications, our technology offers unparalleled accuracy and adaptability, transforming the efficiency and reliability of your research workflow


The BIOSPOT® workstation is equipped with PIPEJET® our innovative, non-contact dispensing technology that excels in delivering precise liquid samples onto microtiter plates with unmatched accuracy and efficiency.


  • Unparalleled precision: Achieve less than 2% variation for reliable results.
  • Versatile: Works with various liquid types, no liquid classes required.
  • Easy control: Fine-tune droplet parameters with Hamilton Freiburg´s Control Software.
  • Wide droplet size range: Adjust from 2 to 70 nl to meet your needs.

BIOSPOT® Workflow and Features

Our technology streamlines workflow automation by enabling on-deck aspiration of reagents, automated calibration for accuracy, and precise dispensing, enhancing efficiency and consistency in your laboratory processes

Sample Loading

JET® dispenser precisely aspirates liquids from a source plate on the deck, ensuring every channel is primed with the correct sample for accurate dispensing.

The sample loading feature of the BIOSPOT® not only saves valuable time during the experiment setup but also increases walk-away time for the user. This streamlined process reduces manual intervention and accelerates overall workflow, allowing for more productive use of laboratory time.

Automated Volume Calibration

DROP® expertly calibrates each channel for consistent, automated volume adjustments, handling various liquid properties including different viscosities.

It offers unparalleled precision in droplet calibration and verification, ensuring consistent, accurate liquid dispensing across diverse applications

Flexible Dispensing Options

SPOT® offers versatile dispensing modes – from rapid ‘on-the-fly’ dispensing to customizable patterns and sample randomization – accommodating a range of experimental needs with precision.

The BIOSPOT® allows for tailored liquid distribution on up to 6-SBS MTPs on deck, supporting a variety of experimental designs across multiple plate formats, including 96-, 384-, and 1536-well plates.

Wash Station

SPOT® wash station thoroughly cleans the pipes, with the used liquid efficiently directed to a waste container. This process guarantees that the pipes are ready for subsequent dispensing tasks without contamination.

BIOSPOT® innovative dispensing system not only ensures a smooth liquid handling process, but also enables the recovery of dispensed liquids back to the source plate, maximizing resource efficiency before the washing cycle.

Hamilton Freiburg´s Control Software

The Hamilton Freiburg Control Software is an advanced tool that empowers scientists with extensive customization options for their liquid handling processes. While it presents a comprehensive suite of features for precise control over dispensing patterns and volumes, its true strength lies in its adaptability to a wide range of research needs. With features like automated calibration, customizable protocols, and data logging, the software enhances accuracy and repeatability in experiments. Whether it's for drug discovery, genomic studies, or cell-based assays, this software ensures efficient workflow management, saving time and improving experimental outcomes.

Advanced Features for Tailored Dispensing


  • Versatile Plate Formats: select from 96-, 384-, or 1536-well plates, adapting effortlessly to your experimental needs
  • Selective Dispensing Control: Enjoy complete control by filling entire plates, specific columns, rows, or manually chosen wells with designated channels.
  • Randomized Dispensing: Implement randomized patterns to mitigate biases such as edge effects in drug screening or other critical studies.
  • Custom Layouts: Upload .csv files for personalized, precise dispensing sequences, ensuring your experiments’ unique demands are met with accuracy.

TOPVIEW: Integrated Substrate Imaging System


  • Real-Time Visualization: Offers an overhead view for immediate monitoring of the dispensing area, enhancing operational transparency.
  • Accurate Droplet Placement: Ensures precise alignment and placement of droplets, crucial for the accuracy of assays and experiments.
  • Fiducial Alignment: Facilitates automated alignment based on fiducial markers, optimizing consistency and repeatability.
  • Post-Dispensing Verification: Enables quality control checks after dispensing, confirming droplet deposition and ensuring process integrity.

Effortless Operation


  • Touchscreen Personalization: Launch pre-defined protocols directly on the device for repetitive tasks.
  • One-Click Protocol Transfer: Easily transfer protocols between devices, optimizing efficiency for large-scale production.
  • Drag-and-Drop Batch Creation: Create complex batch protocols with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, requiring no advanced programming experience.
  • Tailored Software Solutions: Have unique requirements? Contact our specialists. We’re committed to crafting software features precisely aligned with your experimental needs.

Key Features and Benefits


The BIOSPOT® system opens new avenues in high-throughput screening by drastically reducing reagent volumes, thereby enabling cost-effective, large-scale studies. Its precision dispensing capabilities are particulary transformative in cell-based-assays, ELISAs, and enzyme activity assays, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable research methodologies.

Dose-Response Analysis Optimization


BIOSPOT® simplifies dose-response curve generation with the PIPEJET® direct aspiration and precise dispensing capabilities. It supports extensive dose ranges (5-6 logs) with a minimum volume of 7 nl, enabling detailed 7-11 point assays and half-log dilutions. The low-volume dispensing also minimizes total assay volume and final DSMO concentration.

Sample Normalization


BIOSPOT® excels in sample normalization, catering to workflows that require the precise adjustment of sample concentrations. By uploading known sample concentrations and desired volumes via a .CSV format, BIOSPOT® can accurately aspirate the diluent from a source plate and dispense the exact volume required for normalization into each well.

Versatile Application Range


BIOSPOT® specializes in assay miniaturization, delivering accurate, low-volume dispensing that reduces reagent expenses and minimizes waste. Its versatility in handling a range of liquid viscosities suits multiple protocols, making it ideal for high-throughput screening, NGS sample preparation and PCR miniaturization, ultimately enhancing lab efficiency and promoting eco-friendly practises.

Spheroid Deposition


PIPEJET® technology excels in precise cell dispensing and gentle spheroid handling, ensuring structural integrity and viability. Its advanced approach is pivotal for accurate drug screening, leveraging uniform spheroids and organoids for enhanced research reliability.

BIOSPOT® Workstation



Technical Information
Dispensing technology non-contact, piezo-actuated (pl - SIJET)
  non-contact, piezo-actuated (nl - PIPEJET®)
Max no. of channels (piezo) 8
Pitch 9 mm
Single droplet volume 50 - 250 pL (SIJET)
  2 - 70 nL (PIPEJET®)
Precision (%CV) < 3%, typically < 1%
Deck capacity 6 MTPs (or any customized substrate formats)
Axis system XYZ spindle drive
Resolution (step size) 10 µm
SmartDrop System optional
TopView Camera built-in
De-ionizer optional
Aspiration only compatible with PIPEJET®
Wash station optional
Touchscreen included
PC built-in
Interface USB / Ethernet / HDMI
Footprint (LxWxH in mm) 649 x 580 x 461
Weight 49 kg
Supply Voltage/max. power 110 VAC (-15%) to 240 VAC (+10%) / 700 W
BIOSPOT® - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What kind of dispensing technology is used?

The SIJET and PIPEJET® dispensers are based on a piezo actuated non-contact, drop-on-demand technology enabling the generation of uniform picoliter and nanoliter droplets by direct volume displacement.
The µl valves are 3rd party valves and pressure/ time controlled dispensing systems in most cases.

What is the maximum number of dispensing channels?

12 dispensing channels. The BIOSPOT® Custom can be equipped with up to 8 (SIJET/ PIPEJET®) + max. 4 (µl valves). Other configurations, i. e. 12 PIPEJET® channels require the BIOSPOT® X-series.

What kind of liquids can be dispensed?

The droplet dispenser can dispense a wide range of liquids including buffers & detergents, DMSO, ethanol, methanol, beads, living cells, oils, and more.

I have a custom diagnostic chip design. How is the chip secured on the workdeck?

Several deck layouts are available to secure standard substrates, such as microtiter plates or glass slides.
Hamilton Freiburg offers custom deck layouts specificly designed to precisely fit the dimension of your diagostic chip or cartridge.