Assay Development & Miniaturization

In the dynamic landscape of drug discovery, prioritizing efficient assay development is paramount for sustaining productivity. Employing tools such as automation, miniaturization, and statistical methodologies becomes crucial in accelerating the creation of robust, high-quality assays for diverse screening campaigns.

Hamilton Freiburg´s liquid handling platforms play a pivotal role in supporting this approach. With a dynamic volume range, on-board volume calibration, and highly flexible dispense patterns, these platforms empower researchers to efficiently navigate the complexities of assay development, ensuring adaptability and precision in every step of the process.

Flexible assay design

Achieve precision in dispensing complex assay layouts with varying reagent volumes into high-density microplates.

Our non-contact, piezo-actuated dispensing technologies enable the dispensing of picoliter or nanoliter droplets with zero cross-contamination. With a dynamic volume range of 50 - 250 pl or 2 - 70 nl, minimal dead volume, and the capability to process all plate formats or substrates, our platform allows the creation of intricate assay designs. Dispense any liquid type at any position within wells, providing unparalleled flexibility and accuracy in your experimental setup.

On-board calibration tool

Attain unparalleled accuracy by individually calibrating each dispensing channel to a precise target volume.

Elevate your precision levels to the utmost with the SMARTDROP® System, which captures single droplets in flight. Using an intelligent image analysis algorithm, this system fine-tunes droplet volumes to achieve the lowest Coefficient of Variation (CV). Enjoy the benefits of on-board calibration, ensuring strong standardization that is independent of liquid classes. Experience unmatched accuracy and consistency in your dispensing processes.

Smooth method transfer

Seamlessly transition from developmental to validation phases and high-throughput screening with BIOSPOT® Workstations.

Our cutting-edge BIOSPOT® software empowers you to store methods in the cloud or directly transfer them to other workstations, facilitating a smooth shift between developmental and validation phases, as well as high-throughput screening. The automated coordinate compensation feature ensures swift and effortless method transfers across different devices. Paired with the SMARTDROP® System, this eliminates time-consuming evaluation steps between each stage, maximizing efficiency in your research workflow.