Microneedle coating and production

Harness the advantages of transdermal biomolecule delivery through microneedle patches, enhancing both drug efficacy and patient comfort. Achieving a reproducible and safe loading of each microneedle array on a small patch is crucial. Therefore, a precise dispensing technology becomes an absolute necessity to ensure accuracy and reliability in the application of drugs or vaccines to the skin.

Single droplet dispensing

Achieve precision and efficiency in microneedle coating through non-contact, piezoelectric dispensing of nanoliter droplet volumes.

Unlock infinite possibilities with Hamilton Freiburg's dispensing technology, offering meticulous control over droplet volume, velocity, and frequency. Experience accurate and rapid coating of microneedle patches, overcoming challenges associated with material waste, formulation reuse, and limitations of formulation viscosity. Our non-contact droplet delivery ensures reproducibility, making it a versatile solution for optimizing microneedle structures.

Set the right dispensing parameters

Achieve optimal dispensing precision for microneedle coatings by tailoring the right volume, frequency, and droplet velocity for each formulation.

Elevate your dispensing performance with the SMARTDROP® System. Calibrate your drug formulations to specific droplet volumes, adjust droplet velocity to enhance hit rates, or modify droplet frequency for full control over your dispensing process. Experience unparalleled customization and accuracy, ensuring that each microneedle receives the precise formulation it needs for optimal performance.

Target detection

Ensure precision in microneedle coating with the TOPVIEW Camera's vision-based detection capabilities.

  • Automated Patch Geometry Detection: The TOPVIEW Camera automates the detection of patch geometry.
  • Microneedle Position Detection: Achieve efficiency with automated microneedle position detection.
  • Hit-Rate and Droplet Verification: Enhance accuracy through automated hit-rate and droplet verification.

With these advanced features, our technology provides a reliable and automated solution for detecting individual microneedle tips, ensuring a seamless and precise coating process for enhanced microneedle performance.

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Application Note

Microneedle (MN) patches are the innovative and minimaly invasive transdermal drug delivery system of the future. These patches consist of multiple tiny needles measuring around 0.5 mm in height arrayed with a pitch smaller than 1 mm. In contrast to common hypodermic needle-based drug deliveries, these patches are applied to penetrate the outermost skin layer (stratum corneum) and only deliver large biomolecules, such as drugs or vaccines into the viable epidermis.

Read how the BIOSPOT® workstation is applied to realize fully automated workflows for the relaible and precise drug load on the individual microneedles!