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At Hamilton Freiburg, precision is at the heart of our innovations. We specialize in ultra-low volume dispensing solutions for more than 15 years, catering to life science, diagnostic, medical and pharmaceutical markets.

As an integral part of the Hamilton family, Hamilton Freiburg is transforming laboratory efficiency and accuracy worldwide, meeting the advanced needs of today’s leading industry innovators.

Mastering Every Drop

From Microliters to Picoliters

Advance Your Research with Precision Dispensing – From Microliters to Picoliters. Dive into our specialized technologies crafted for the exacting needs of life sciences and biotech. From handling critical microliter volumes in cellular assays to deploying nanoliters in high-throughput screening, or managing picoliters for genomic applications, our solutions bring unmatched accuracy and efficiency to your lab.

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What We Offer


Hamilton Freiburg sets a new standard in laboratory precision with our state-of-the-art, non-contact dispensing technology.
Designed to overcome common challenges of low-volume liquid handling, our solutions offer unmatched accuracy and completely eliminate cross-contamination risks, as all components in direct contact with the sample are cost-effective consumables.

Complemented by our extensive expertise, we offer comprehensive consulting and custom solutions, ensuring every drop we deliver meets the unique needs of your research and development.

At Hamilton Freiburg, we don't just promise precision; we consistently deliver it in every drop.



Liquid-class Versatility

Precision and Consistency

No Cross-contamination



Hamilton Freiburg revolutionizes laboratory workflows across various domains with our precision liquid handling solutions.

From accelerating assay development and miniaturization to enhancing cell biology processes, coating microneedles for targeted delivery, and streamlining lateral flow assay production, we set the standard for efficiency and accuracy. Our automated platforms also transform sample preparation for mass spectrometry and protein crystallization, ensuring high reproducibility and throughput.

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ISO 9001 Certification

BioFluidix is ISO9001 certified

Hamilton Freiburg has established and applies a Quality Management System for development and manufacturing of dosing technologies which has been successfully certified by TÜV SÜD according to ISO 9001:2015 (Download: DE EN).

Innovative through research

Hamilton Freiburg continuously invests in research and development to keep its products at the cutting edge of technology.